The Weird Green Bread from “The Force Awakens” Is 100% Edible

published Jan 20, 2016
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Rey, the heroine of the newest Star Wars movie (Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Even if you haven’t seen the “The Force Awakens”yet — who are you? — you’re pretty safe to keep reading. What follows is spoiler-free coverage that can only add to the magic of the franchise.

In the beginning of the film, after hours and hours of tireless scavenging, Rey receives but a quarter-portion of rations as her reward. She’s incredulous but accepting of the tiny green puck because, really, what should she have expected? Jakku isn’t known for being a particularly lavish place to live. Rey is lucky to have the means to exchange anything for sustenance, and she knows it. After a dirty look, she packs up her earnings and heads home for what will turn out to be a pretty spectacular meal.

It seems then that there might not be more to the rations because Star Wars has never really paid much attention to food — which is a shame because don’t you just wonder if Chewbacca is a breakfast cookie kind of Wookie, or more of a chorizo burrito one? However, you’re quite literally in for a treat with this particular scene, because space food is really given a chance to be the star. Rey places the strange puck into a dish with water, heats it gently, and poof: instant bread that you can eat with your face. No, really. It’s real, fresh-baked — perhaps, “fresh-poofed” — bread.

In a recent interview with MTV, VFX Supervisor Chris Corbould revealed that Rey’s instant bread was not only edible, but that it took his team three months to fully bake in terms of concept. It’s complicated, but the system of special effects worked together in realtime to create the illusion with absolutely no CGI finessing. What you see in the movie is exactly what the crew saw on set.

Unfortunately, instant food is beyond the grasp of us mere earthlings for now. Until then, our quick weeknight meals are here to save the day!