The Wedding Gift That Makes Me Excited to Eat More Tomatoes

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

Sometimes it’s the littlest things in the kitchen that can elicit the feeling of pure joy. For me, it’s a kitchen tool I received as a wedding gift — one that, right now, is making the bounty of perfectly ripe summer tomatoes even more enjoyable.

The Tomato Knife That Changed It All

Roughly the size of a utility knife, with a serrated blade and a sharp, two-pronged tip ideal for coring, tomato knives are a tool of pure genius. For a true tomato-lover, these knives are the darling of the knife block.

And as someone who is terribly lazy about sharpening her chef’s knife, this new addition to the knife block is like a godsend. Silly as it might sound, this knife makes me more excited about eating tomatoes. And it’s not actually the tomatoes that are doing it for me (although they’re definitely part of it, especially right now) — the real joy is the actual art of slicing, and knowing that the blade of my knife will pierce the fruit’s delicate-yet-firm skin, without squishing the tomato like my chef’s knife would.

At first I was wary of adding this completely non-essential kitchen item to my wedding registry. Before lifting the scanning gun for the wedding registry, I tried to channel Marie Kondo. Would I realistically use this knife? Yes. Would it get lost in the shuffle of the knife block? Probably not. Would I buy this knife for myself if not for the wedding registry? Yes. And most importantly, would this be something that sparked joy?

The answer to the last question was a resounding yes, and nearly a year later our tomato knife sparks even more joy than it did when we first received it. While a serrated bread knife can certainly get the job done, I don’t care for its larger-than-necessary size; I never have. And this is one time I’m willing to make a little extra room in the kitchen for a tool that I want rather than need.

Recipes I Make with My Tomato Knife