The War Against GMOs Is Full of Fraud, Says Journalist

published Jul 16, 2015
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The public debate on genetically modified seeds and crops runs high with feelings. When it comes to this line of science and our food, what is healthy, and what should be avoided? Journalist William Saletan spent a year researching the field and came to the conclusion that the anti-GMO rhetoric is not doing us any favors.

This is a long, intensely researched and argued piece, and it’s excellent reading for all sorts of reasons. If you’re suspicious of GMOs, it’s healthy to read an alternate opinion and understand some of the competing special interests on both sides, which Saletan spends time exploring.

If you’re more pro-GMO or GMO-neutral, it illustrates some of the ways in which GMOs should not be all lumped in together, but treated one-by-one, on the merits of the specific techniques and purposes in each instance.

As other journalists have urged us (like the great Tamar Haspel at the Washington Post), this understanding that GMOs are not all one thing, and that the technology has many uses and facets, is very important in evaluating what we do, and don’t, allow into our farms and onto our plates.

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