The Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Attention all New York and New England Cheese Lovers! We just heard about a 24-hour cheese extravaganza open to anyone willing and able to make the trek: travel from New York City to Vermont for the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival on August 23rd. Click through for more details on the event and how to sign up!

All travel and event logistics are being commandeered by Murray’s Cheese. You sign up through their website and they take care of the tickets and transportation. This is something truly for the true cheese enthusiast, though. Getting to Vermont in time for the festival requires a midnight departure from New York. You’ll ride via bus there and back with fellow cheese die-hards.

The festival is a celebration of the Vermont cheese scene, where there will be 50 cheesemakers, 20 wineries and breweries, 15 artisan food producers, tasting seminars, and over 100 cheeses to sample.

For more information and to sign up, go to Murray’s Cheese or check out the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival website.

(Images: Vermont Cheesemakers Festival)