The Ultimate Halloween Party Roundup: Menus, Party Ideas, and Inspiration from Around the Web

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Everyone seems to be in a spooky Halloween spirit this year! There is a lot of fabulous inspiration for Halloween tricks, treats, menus, and parties around the blogosphere, and we’re rounding up some of our favorites here. Whether your taste runs to old-fashioned and wholesome, or to the seriously creepy, there’s something for you here.

Here’s a look over some of the guides and menus assembled by some of our favorite magazines, websites, and bloggers.

  1. Amy Atlas – An entire table of inspiring treats and not-too-creepy decor from blog darling Amy Atlas.
  2. Amy Atlas – Check out recipes for more Halloween treats on Amy’s blog; she has witch hat desserts and stained glass Halloween cookies up there now.
  3. Gourmet – The tragically moribund Gourmet goes out with a couple of great menus for Halloween goodies. Try the menu that includes this devils food cake with a spiderweb, or some of these grownup desserts for a spooky soiree.
  4. Martha Stewart – Martha outdoes herself (as always!) and has a full-on spread for 30. This pumpkin bowl is particularly charming.
  5. Better Homes and Gardens – A “ghoulish Gothic Halloween” full of good ideas for serving food in creepy ways, like this birdcage cheese platter and customized bottles.
  6. Better Homes and Gardens – More great ideas from BHG, this time for a more old-fashioned (and family-friendly) party.
  7. CHOW – Here’s a sexy vampire spread from CHOW, with great food that happens to be non-cheesy, like Barbarossa Punch and bacon-wrapped squash bites. (With a toothpick-stake through their heart…get it?)
  8. Country LivingCountry Living‘s massive Halloween archive includes these great table settings. Also check out their amazing medieval Halloween.
  9. Eddie Ross – Eddie produced a massively impressive Halloween Block Party for HGTV last July, and he’s giving sneak peeks behind the scenes now. We especially like this cider and doughnut station, and the spooky crudites.
  10. Bon Appetit – Cute cupcakes from BA’s Halloween guide. Also check out their bleeding cupcakes.

What’s been inspiring your Halloween party plans this year?