The Ultimate Hallmark Movie Drinking Game

updated May 30, 2019
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Looking forward to a final Hallmark Christmas Movie binge-watch? Super fans, you’ve probably been lapping up weeks of gentle Christmas cheer and snowy romances as Hallmark sets out a Christmas movie buffet. But now that the holiday is around the corner, it’s time to alleviate any lingering holiday stress (hey there, upbeat formulaic fare!) and get super in the Christmas spirit.

Know what helps? Adding some festive cocktail magic to your Hallmark Christmas movie viewing.

Rule #1: Fix yourself a Christmas-y drink.

Rule #2: Remember to keep your sips small.

Keep your sips small because the Hallmark Christmas movie formula paired with these rules will make for a pretty boozy day.

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The Ultimate Hallmark Movie Drinking Game

Ready? Here we go!

Take One Sip

  • If the town is named after Christmas.
  • When there’s an obscure Christmas competition.
  • And it’s hosted in a town square or gazebo.
  • You meet a main character who does not have a Christmas-themed name.
  • If there’s royalty.

Bonus: Take one sip for every obstacle that’s stopping the main character from getting home for Christmas.

Take Two Sips

  • If there’s an actress from the cast of Full House.
  • When the main character breaks it off with her workaholic, Christmas-hating boyfriend or fiancé.
  • When the main character runs into her high-school boyfriend.
  • When you meet the small child who will definitely be a matchmaker for the two main characters, and probably also save Christmas.

Bonus: Take two sips for every actor you have to look up because you definitely remember them from a ’90s sitcom.

Take Three Sips

  • When the character who hates Christmas officially learns to love it.
  • If there’s a Christmas-themed wedding.
  • When Santa grants a wish.
  • When the family business takeover is thwarted.
  • When the royal officially gets together with the commoner.

Bonus: Take three sips if someone spontaneously bursts into song or you spot a dog in a Santa hat.

Finish Your Drink

  • When the romantic leads finally kiss.

Bonus: Finish your drink if you spot an Oscar nominee.