The Two Words That Will Make You a Hosting Hero

published Nov 12, 2018
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The holiday season is a lot of things — joyful, festive, cheery — but calm is not one of them. Sometimes just managing to eat dinner feels like a feat, let alone having it together enough to host a party. Luckily, we have an ideal solution for both situations, and it involves just two tiny words: snack sticks.

What’s a Snack Stick?

Holiday season is grazing season (which happens to be our favorite style of eating), and snack sticks lean into that truth with flavorful results and fast prep. Assembling a snack stick is as easy as putting a few well-paired single-bite snacks on a skewer and serving. We used products from Dietz & Watson — who’ve been crafting interesting, flavorful meats and cheeses for four generations — to create three portable snack sticks that will win over kids and guests alike.

(Image credit: Creative Studio)

Our Favorite Snack Sticks for the Holidays

Herbs de Provence brings an unexpected twist to traditional salami spices and makes an excellent partner with the slight smokiness of Havarti, while the briny cornichons help counter the richness.

D&W Pepperoni Salsiccia + D&W Mozzarella + Sun-Dried Tomatoes

It’s a classic combo for a reason! No one — especially little ones — can resist pepperoni and mozzarella. Add sun-dried tomatoes for a little sweetness (and/or to get the kids to eat a veggie).

Prosciutto is arguably the star of the charcuterie board, and Dietz & Watson’s is a great match for their Manchego. Cap off the nutty-salty combo with the crisp sweetness of fresh pear.

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