The Top-Selling Snack Brand on Amazon Might Surprise You

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If you’d asked me what the best-selling snack brand on Amazon was, I would have guessed it was something rare or hard to find — maybe some small-batch product that was only available on the internet, or an international import like all those cool Kit Kat flavors you can only get in Japan.

But according to CSP Daily News, the top-selling snack brand on Amazon is also one of the most familiar ones in the grocery store: Planters.

Everyone seems to love Planters. Mr. Peanut just has that effect on people. Even if you don’t eat nuts, it’s hard to not feel good about a legume in a monocle. Even Ina Garten keeps her pantry stocked with Planters lightly salted dry-roasted peanuts. And the news that Planters would be resurrecting its nostalgic favorite Cheez Balls and Cheez Curls was met with glee all around the internet.

People love Mr. Peanut, and apparently a lot of people are buying their nuts and snacks online, because Planters products accounted for seven percent of the snack sales on Amazon this year. That’s a pretty significant lead over the second-place snack brand, Annie’s Homegrown. The maker of organic mac and cheese and snacks shaped like rabbits accounted for five percent of Amazon’s snack sales this year, and I wonder how much of that was just me buying Cheddar bunnies. (They were supposed to be emergency toddler snacks, but I can’t stop eating them. They’re just so crunchy! And bunnies are cuter than goldfish.)

One of the most interesting things on the list is that Epic Bar‘s Amazon sales are absolutely booming. Those meaty, animal-based protein bars with flavors like “maple salmon” and “habanero cherry beef” are a favorite with the Paleo and Whole30 crowds, and they only seem to be getting more popular. According to CSP Daily News, Epic Bar’s Amazon sales increased 60 percent since last year, and now they’re the seventh best-selling snack on the site.

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What’s your favorite snack to buy on Amazon?