The Top 5 Things New Cooks Do Wrong

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If you could go back in time and instruct your newbie-cook self, what would you say? After plenty of trial and error himself, writer John Cheese has accumulated a list of the top five rookie cooking mistakes:

Cheese lists five things, but here are the top three:

#3. Not Knowing Your Pans: Pans are not interchangeable. Certain pans were made for certain types of cooking. What You Should Do: Invest in the basics and learn what their uses are.

#2. Going Crazy With the Seasoning: New cooks tend to think if you throw enough good things together, you’re bound to come out with something tasty. But too much of a good thing is, well, bad. What You Should Do: “When you’re talking about the general preparation of dishes, it’s a pretty agreed upon philosophy among chefs that good ingredients should be the focus. The seasoning is only there to accent and enhance the flavor of your centerpiece.”

And the #1 thing new cooks do wrong…

#1. F*cking With It Too Much: Too much fiddling, flipping, stirring, turning, seasoning, heat adjusting… it doesn’t help, it hurts. What You Should Do: “Second nature reaction is something you’ll pick up the more you cook…Stay and listen to the sounds it makes while it’s cooking. They change from minute to minute, and knowing those will improve your timing and your reaction to necessary adjustments, and make you an overall better chef.”

Go to the full article to see the complete list of newbie cook errors, and then come back and tell us: what do you think of Cheese’s recommendations? What other advice would you offer to new cooks?

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(Note: Cheese’ style is rather, shall we say, irreverent.)

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