The Top 3 Things You Should Buy from Costco for Thanksgiving

(Image credit: Mike Mozart)cc by 2.0

Let’s be honest here — if you are shopping at Costco for Thanksgiving, chances are you are feeding a crowd. Feeding not just your immediate family, but also your friends, neighbors, and extended family means that beyond buying your turkeys and hams (yes, you’ll need multiples of both), you’re also going to need more plates, more tables, and more wine.

Given that, here are three things your should pick up at Costco for Thanksgiving.

1. Folding Tables and Chairs

Costco sells folding tables and chairs in several shapes and sizes. Need a round folding table with chairs? They’ve got that plus a cart for storing it. They also sell small kid-sized tables, buffet tables, and cloth and disposable table cloths for all shapes and sizes of tables.

2. Glasses and Dinnerware

It is likely that you won’t have enough dinnerware to accommodate more than 10 people, let alone the 25 you’re expecting for Thanksgiving. Costco sells disposable plates, napkins, drink cups, and wine glasses in bulk for a steal. If disposables aren’t your thing, you can still stock up on glassware and serveware at Costco too.

Tip: If you have a large family that gets together regularly, consider sharing the cost of a set of wine glasses, dinner plates, and silverware with a few of your siblings (or in-laws) that can be reused every year whenever and wherever everyone gathers.

3. Chafing Dishes

Chafing dishes might seem like the kind of equipment reserved for caterers only, but if you serve a large crowd regularly, they are worth the investment. Chafing dishes’ main advantage over other food-holding methods (like a slow cooker set to low or a cooler lined with a heating pad) is that they hold a larger volume of food.

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