Chewy Granola Is a Thing, and We Like It

I picked up this granola on a whim last week, with Emma and Kelli coming to town to do a bunch of photography and work for the site in my home kitchen. Chewy granola, eh? What would this be like? I was intrigued — and it turned out to be a major hit.

The granola is made here in Columbus, where I live. It was adapted from a family recipe to be gluten-free by Erika Boll, a cook newly diagnosed with celiac disease. The chewy aspect is certainly rather original compared to most granolas, which are crispy to crunchy.

As Emma says:

At a recent Kitchn editor retreat, we absolutely devoured this entire container over the course of a few days. None of us knew quite what to expect when we opened it for the first time — turns out “chewy granola” is like oatmeal cookies that you can justify eating for breakfast. So good.

Yes, cookie dough for breakfast — it makes soft, chewy clumps that you can scatter through yogurt or over fruit.