The Tiny Tool That Waiters Use to Banish Crumbs with a Flourish

updated May 1, 2019
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We were at our favorite restaurant last week, when a manager asked us to let him give our server a lesson in the fine art of crumbing a table. He showed her how, with the flick of a wrist, to use a tiny pen-like tool to scoop crumbs away.

This little drama happens all the time at restaurants; you may not even notice it! But it’s a small touch of hospitality — and these little tools hardly cost a thing.

The crumber is a super simple tool — just a curved piece of metal that can scrape a surface clear of crumbs and other detritus after a meal. It’s surprising how effective these can be; they can take a table from messy to serene in just a moment.

And they’re not just for restaurants! A crumber can be a handy little tool at home, especially if you keep a tablecloth on your table most of the time.

This one also comes in aluminum and black.