Thoughtful Cook: Culinary Titles at the Newberry Library Chicago

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love looking through old cookbooks from time to time. It’s fascinating to see how ingredients and recipes have changed over the years. Chicago’s Newberry Library has amassed a collection of culinary titles that reaches back as far as the 1400s, and on Saturday, Exhibits Manager Riva Feshbach will offer a guided tour of some of these treasured books.

Read on for more information, and an Apple Fest update …

The event will feature texts such as De honesta voluptate [et] valetudine (On Right Pleasure and Good Health, 1494) and Jules Gouffé’s illustrated Le Livre de cuisine, as well as early texts on chocolate and a variety of books on “domestic economy and husbandry.”

Feshbach is expected to discuss her her favorite food-related finds and offer tips to delving into the collection.

The event takes place at 10 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 20 at Kendall College (900 North Branch Street, Chicago). Free parking, $2 per person, free to Kendall students and faculty with ID.

Apple Fest Update: Last Saturday’s event was postponed due to heavy rain, and has been rescheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 20.

(Image: Daniel Flower, licensed under Creative Commons)