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The Thing I Use Up the Fastest in My Kitchen

updated May 1, 2019
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I lived a mustard-free childhood. Instead, Miracle Whip was the condiment of choice in my household. That was all well and good with me, as I found mustard too sharp and pungent for my tastes anyway. Funny how tastes change, however, because once I matured and flocked the Miracle Whip nest, I developed an insatiable taste for mustard.

While I truly love it in all forms now (with the minor exception of yellow mustard), my heart lies quite squarely with Dijon. The jar on the door of our fridge is easily what gets used up and replaced the fastest compared to other condiments.

Why Dijon Mustard Is the Best Jar in My Fridge

I don’t just casually use the stuff — I use it with reckless abandon. That’s because I wholeheartedly feel it makes every savory dish better. My husband and I make a simple green salad almost every night to go with whatever we are having, and a dab of Dijon goes into our simple vinaigrette each time to not only help emulsify it, but also to add some tang that livens up the greens.

When I have a chicken in the freezer and no plan for dinner, Dijon can be combined with so many different ingredients — be it honey, maple syrup, fresh chopped herbs, or just a splash of white wine — to become the perfect sauce. That Dijon-and-herb combo is also my favorite spread on salmon just before it heads into the oven. Oh, and combine a little Dijon with softened butter and it’s the most magical way to finish a steak.

When I am bored with roasted vegetables, I’ll whisk together a little Dijon and sherry, balsamic, or red wine vinegar and toss them with the mixture after they are charred and tender to brighten them up. Then there is also the magical combination of Dijon and mayo — Dijonnaise — whose pungent yet creamy goodness is swiped into just about every sandwich I make and even used as a dipping sauce for vegetable fritters and sweet potato fries.

It’s no wonder the jar gets used up faster than I can keep it stocked in my fridge. Maille is my brand of choice at most grocery stores — it’s extra creamy with just the right balance of mustardy heat and acidity — but I also love Sir Kensington’s Dijon. It’s a little more expensive, so it’s a brand I tend to only grab when it’s on sale. The most important thing, however, is that I am never without a jar.

6 Glorious Ways to Use Dijon Mustard

How do you like to use Dijon mustard? Is there an ingredient in your fridge you reach for more than any other?