The Tea Lady: Tea and Biscuits

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From Haidy, who reminds us that even as the weather warms up, we can continue to appreciate tea:

Biscuits are very personal, but most British people will agree that to drink biscuits with tea requires dunking potential.

Thicker, more solid biscuits that can survive immersion in hot liquid are therefore preferable: in my house, old fashioned English shortbread is the tea dunk of choice, but McVities Chocolate Hobnobs (available at Myers of Keswick and Tea and Sympathy) run a close second.

Of course, more delicate biscuits are just as tasty, but they require some skill in being able to swoop and dip without losing the biscuit in the tea where it will sink to the bottom in an unsalvageable mush.