The Sweetest, Most Surprising Way to Build a Better Party Playlist

published Jun 8, 2017
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Building a playlist for a party is hard. How do you know what songs to pick? What if people don’t share your same affinity for Jewel? Sure, you could put on a Pandora station and let it go, but you never know what you’re gonna get that way.

The key to building a successful playlist for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or really anything with a guest of honor is to let the other guests do the work.

Hear me out.

When you have people RSVP to the event, ask them to name a few songs that remind you of the guest of honor. Maybe there’s a song they used to drive around to back in high school? Or maybe there are some favorite songs from a band they’ve seen in concert 10 times? Or maybe it’s a karaoke song they used to destroy on Saturday nights?

Once you have everyone’s songs, turn them into a playlist. Then, during the party, tell the bride (or birthday girl?) that each song was nominated by someone and see if she can guess who picked each one.

It’s a super-easy way for you to put together a playlist — and it’s a little extra touch that will make the guest of honor feel super special. Plus, it’ll take everyone on a little walk down memory lane. (Remember when “Ants Marching” was a thing?)

Even if you’re not throwing a bridal shower anytime soon, this trick works for less formal parties too. Let’s say you’re having a summer cookout? Just have friends suggest some songs ahead of time. Then, everyone can guess who picked that super-random Billy Joel song.

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