The Sweet Amazon Prime Deal You Had No Idea Existed

updated May 1, 2019
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If you have a sweet tooth (and are an Amazon Prime member), prepare to be amazed. A few months ago, Amazon launched Prime Surprise Sweets — and basically told no one about it!

Maybe you’ve already heard of it? If so, you must run in some in-the-know circles! If you hadn’t heard about it, don’t feel so bad — we just found out about it last week! Keep reading to learn what exactly it’s all about.

What Is Prime Surprise Sweets?

Designed with sugar-lovers in mind, Prime Surprise Sweets is an invite-only club that’s surprisingly simple to join. (You just have to request an invite and then they’ll send you one!) Then, the program works off the Dash Button system. So you pay $5 for the Amazon Sweets Dash Button (you get that money back as a credit when you order your first box), then whenever you feel a craving for sweets coming on, you push the button.

Buy the button: Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button, $5

You’ll pay $18 and, in two days, you’ll get a box filled with cookies, candies, chocolate bars, and more — all crafted by artisanal, small-batch makers throughout the country. The boxes vary, so you’re almost guaranteed to get new stuff every time. (If you push the button every day, you’ll probably start to notice some repeats!) Each time, you’ll get at least four full-sized treats.

(Image credit: Lisa Freedman)

A Sample Box

As quiet as Amazon was about the launch of of the program, they’re even quieter about what goes in each box. They want it to be a surprise, after all. They do highlight some of the artisans on the site, but they don’t go into box-specific detail. That said, we got our hands on a box and we’re not good at keeping secrets! Here’s what was inside.

  • A peanut butter pretzel chocolate bar from Chicago-based company Chocolate Twist
  • A bag of orange white chocolate chip cookies from Otterbein’s Cookies
  • A box of brigaderios from Brigadeiro Bakery
  • A six-ounce cookies & cream marshmallow rice treat from The Crispery

What do you think? Would you spend $18 on a box of treats when you have no idea what you’re going to get?