The Summer Snack Sarah Rae Has Gone Nuts For

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Even though there are ways to make outdoor eating and the hot summer months tolerable, there are those days where you’re literally too hot to eat. Even things we claim to be easy to eat when it’s too hot to do so don’t always sound appealing. My trick this month? Well I’ve gone nuts! (literally and figuratively)

Even though the temperatures in the Midwest have been ridiculously high lately, I haven’t given up my morning bike rides or any other activities I usually have planned. Because of it I’ve felt a bit like a rubber ball that bounces from one thing to another, but since I’m not still long enough to really cool down, I don’t really feel like eating.

Although that might be cool the first day when you jokingly consider it your weight loss plan, it doesn’t really have any benefits as your body is in need of energy and at least a small pick me up. My choice this summer? Nuts, well technically they’re culinary nuts and not botanical nuts, but we’ll leave that research in your hands. More specifically, pistachios. They require a bit of work to remove from the shell, giving me something to do and are hearty in nature.

Sure there might be a salad or taco thrown in there for good measure, but if you’re feeling the days of summer growing long and your food choices growing small, see if a small bag won’t tide you over until things cool off. Have you had a favorite quick fix snack or meal this summer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!