The Story of a Girl Who Lives Off of Eggs and Beverages

The Story of a Girl Who Lives Off of Eggs and Beverages

Ariel Knutson
Aug 12, 2014
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Day 2 Task: Clear Out the Refrigerator

There are pros and cons of having a small refrigerator. On the one hand, it doesn't take a long time to clean the thing, and I also have to stay on top of throwing expired things out in order to make room for fresh food. As a result, my fridge really isn't that gross.

On the other hand, there's just simply not a lot of room to store new food in the fridge. Organization is important.

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The fact that I have four cartons of eggs (a case of not remembering if we had any in the fridge), and the bottom half of the fridge is mostly drinks (homemade kombucha, beer, drinking vinegar, a stray soda, and a water jug) is a problem. It's time to clear things out so I can add more food.

This is the side door of my fridge
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To start the clearing-out process, I dumped all the contents of my fridge on some tea towels on top of my kitchen island. It actually didn't seem like much when I looked at the haul. The bulky things, as I had anticipated, were the egg cartons and the copious amount of beverages.

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I was able to toss out two bottles of drinking vinegars, some questionable cilantro, two expired boxes of chicken and fish stock, some strange items wrapped in aluminum foil, and some less-than-appetizing leftovers from culinary school. I was also able to consolidate the egg cartons down to two.

I looked through all of my condiments to see if anything had gone bad according to this guide that Cambria said to check out, but everything seemed to be just fine.

The beverage situation is out of control please help me
(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

Overall, however, it really wasn't that much stuff that I had to toss because my boyfriend and I are generally on top of that kind of thing. The real work will come tomorrow when I clean and finally organize everything in the fridge. Onwards!

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