Why the Sterling Silver Iced Tea Spoon Is Good for So Much More Than Tea

updated May 2, 2019
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(Image credit: Anne Wolfe Postic)

When we got married, my aunt gave us two sterling silver iced tea spoons, promising I could use them for so much more than tea. Which is good, because — get ready to take away my Southern card — I don’t like iced tea. I know. But my aunt was right. These spoons are good for so much more.

(Image credit: Anne Wolfe Postic)

This Mother’s Day, maybe your mom would love to put her feet up on the ottoman and sip a lovely glass of lavender iced tea with lemon. Or maybe the woman who raised you likes something with a little more pizzazz, like a cocktail. The sterling ice tea spoon is perfect for mixing drinks, adding a touch of elegance to happy hour.

(Image credit: Anne Wolfe Postic)

And this is one chic addition to your bar table that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Vintage ice tea spoons are easy to find, on Ebay or in antique shops, for less than $30.

Mix and match at will. At a cocktail party, you may even want to have different spoons for different types of drinks. Wouldn’t it be fun to have your tea spoons monogrammed with “vodka,” “whiskey,” “gin,” and “tequila?” The Tiffany Faneuil version seems particularly well suited to this. (Psssst…check that Ebay link above for a better price and remember that vintage is cool!)

Find it at Tiffany’s: Faneuil Iced Tea Spoon

Iced tea spoons are also perfect for ice cream sundaes, parfaits and individual trifles. You can set them on a buffet table for condiments or next to a bowl of olives or nuts.

And, yes, they are lovely for a tall glass of iced tea. For years, I’ve watched other people enjoy it, and heard them rave about its divine provenance. No matter how hard I try, I prefer my tea hot, in a mug or tea cup, usually right before bed. But I do love a cocktail. Thank goodness my pretty iced tea spoons don’t have to go unused!