The Stand: Not-So-Simple Syrups & Preserves

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Looking to swap out the cola for fresh sodas or spread something other than basic grape on your morning toast? Take your cocktails and concoctions to a whole new level with The Stand’s inventive array of syrups, garnishes, and spreads.

I was introduced to the siblings behind The Stand at a local market in Boston. As a canner and a food swapper, I have tons of jars of this and bottles of that, but I couldn’t resist their wares!

Their flavor combinations range from single origin (Meyer lemon) to who knew those work together (blood orange rose cardamom). Offerings vary with the seasons, but this crafty team is always coming up with new stuff.

Any host with the most knows presentation is prime. Serve some sparkling wine with a splash of hibiscus syrup or a cake topped with candied kumquats and your guests will be wowed. Why stop there? The Stand will cater your event or even do custom favors.

(Images: The Stand)