The Stake: An All-in-One Grilling Tool That Flips, Grips, and Spikes!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you in the tongs or spatula grill camp? If it’s always been tough for you to decide, or you’re tired of juggling two or three tools around the grill, maybe you need the Stake! It’s an all-in-one grilling tool that functions as a spatula, tongs, and fork. Sweet!

Fancy multipurpose tools like this always beg the question: do the extra features make it more cumbersome to use, or is it truly as revolutionary as it claims? While we haven’t tried the Stake out in person, it does seem pretty handy. And you know it’ll make an impression at your next BBQ!

Check out the video above for more about the Stake!

Buy It: The Stake, $29.99 at Quirky