The Smoothie Survey

(Image credit: Sara Kate Gillingham)

It seems like no matter where I go (this site included) I run into a smoothie recipe, or hear someone talking about how they loved their kale smoothie lunch, or have to sit through a smoothie discussion amongst friends when out to dinner. I’m not a fan of smoothies, but I get it: people are into this stuff right now.

Just what is a smoothie? Smoothies are basically a blended beverage that contains fruit and/or vegetables. In addition, smoothies can have sweeteners such as honey or agave, dairy such as milk or yogurt, and add-ins such as green tea and herbal or nutritional supplements. Nut butters and various seeds are also a popular addition.

Smoothies are usually made in a blender and contain the whole fruit or vegetable (as opposed to just the juice) and are consumed for a variety of reasons but mostly because they’re considered to be healthy.

Tell us about your smoothie experiences? Have they saved your life or is the current smoothie craze driving you nuts?