Good Garden Question: How Should We Separate and Replant Our Beans and Cukes?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

OK, dear readers. Many of you are more experienced gardeners than we are, and we’re fine with that. In the spirit of learning, we have a question for you.

See that pot? Right before I went on a weeklong trip I slammed three bush bean plants and two cucumber seedlings into this one small pot. They had outstripped their starter pellets and they needed to be planted. Now I have potentially five robust plants in one rather small pot and I know I need to separate them.

Here’s the question for any of you more experienced gardeners. What kind of containers should the cucumbers go in, and how do I extricated them and replant? Or should each bean plant get its own pot too?

Fire away with advice – I’m all ears here.

(Image: Faith Hopler for The Kitchn)