The Search for Our Messiest, Stickiest, Gooiest Recipe

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(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Many of our recipes have made your kitchen a mess. Why do we keep doing this to your kitchen? Because we all know the messiest dishes are often the best.

Smacking your lips after sauce-smothered ribs? Licking your fingers after sticky buns? Sure the molasses and the Nutella make a mess, but they’re so satisfying to eat.

With that in mind, The Kitchn editors have gathered some of their sloppiest recipes to prove that they’re worth it. Look at what they gathered, and for each one tell them what you think: Agree? Click thumbs up! Disagree? Thumbs down. (And keep in mind that any mess can be tamed with the right tools — no matter how caramel-y or syrupy or s’mores-y it is.)

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