The Rubber Band Trick: How to Keep a Cut Apple Fresh in Your Lunchbox

updated Sep 30, 2020
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(Image credit: Budimir Jevtic)

Want to do the messy business of cutting up an apple before going off to work? Or perhaps you want to send your kid to school with a sliced apple, knowing that they’ll be more likely to eat it that way? You don’t want those apple slices to turn brown, though, so what do you do? You use this smart little rubber band trick.

This idea comes from Lydia at @ Home With Real Food. She explains how you can cut up an apple and then bind it back together with a rubber band, just like it had never been cut! Then the apple stays sealed and fresh, with no exposed cut edges to get brown.

Smart, right? See the rest of Lydia’s photos and explanation at her blog:

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Have you ever tried this?

(Image: Lydia of @ Home With Real Food)