The Rollie Eggmaster: Because Eggs Are Messy, Hard to Cook & The Wrong Shape

There are unitaskers that do one useful thing and do it very well. And then there are unitaskers that turn eggs into tube-shaped omelets — on sticks! If you need a good giggle, do yourself a favor and watch this commercial for the Rollie Eggmaster.

The Eggmaster turns eggs into strange, cylindrical pops that are slowly extruded, steaming, in a “new, easy to eat shape!” On a stick. Yikes.

In case you find yourself tempted by the Eggmaster’s claims, here are four easy ways to cook eggs that don’t involve Vertical Cooking Technology.

4 Easy & Gadget-Free Ways to Cook Eggs

Well, readers? What are your thoughts on the Rollie Eggmaster?

(Video via YouTube)