Cooking for One? The Rice Bowl

published Aug 8, 2012
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The rice bowl is perhaps the perfect Cooking for One dish. Besides the fact that it is assembled in individual portions, it offers variety and versatility and a fantastic opportunity to clean out the refrigerator. Read on for a roundup of rice bowl recipes.

Rice bowls are different than fried rice in that the flavor components are arranged on a bed of rice rather than mixed or stir-fried in. This gives the eater the opportunity to customize each mouthful, pulling a little here and there from each of toppings. The rice bowl is easily customizable, influenced only by your appetite and what’s in the refrigerator. It can be vegan, vegetarian or meat-centric.

Many rice bowl recipes are influenced by Asian flavors; indeed the well-known and delicious Korean bibimbap is a form of rice bowl. But you can just as easily create a rice bowl with Mexican or Spanish flavors, or a hippie-style brown rice bowl with mushrooms, peas and green onions. A fried or poached egg is a classic topping and if the yolk is left runny, it will sauce the rice and add a lovely richness to the dish.

Brown or white rice are usually used, although other rices such as red, black or sushi rice make a nice change. Quinoa is also gaining in popularity and can often be substituted for rice in many recipes.

What are your favorite ways to assemble a rice bowl?

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