The Return of Brussels Sprouts! 5 Recipes to Try This Fall

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Brussels sprouts are here! The Brussels sprouts are here! My favorite little cabbage is just starting to come back in season, and I’ve got big plans for the weeks ahead.

My dad grew up farming in Minnesota, and he used to always say that brussels sprouts weren’t good until after the first hard frost. The cold actually brings out the sugars in these sprouts and other members of the cabbage family, taming their bitterness and making them irresistibly good. My brother and I ate them like candy. And still do.

When the first Brussels sprouts start coming in, all I want to do is roast them. I slice them in half and toss them with good olive oil and some sea salt. Roasted in cast iron skillet, they come out of the oven slightly charred, crispy around the edges, and tender in the middle. I could eat the whole batch straight from the pan.

When my husband starts begging for some variety, I’ll move on to these dishes:

Any Brussels sprouts plans in your near future?

(Image: BBC Good Food)