Bring Dead Scallions Back to Life with the Regrowth Trick

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

I’ve loved using Faith’s tip for regrowing scallions ever since I read it. Even with this trick in my back pocket, though, I recently found some long-forgotten, brown, dry, and shriveled ones in the bottom of my refrigerator’s vegetable drawer. Hating to waste and remembering the regeneration of fresh scallions, I decided to give it a try with seemingly-hopeless dehydrated scallions. And guess what — it worked!

With the “greens” (now “browns”) shriveled beyond usability, I cut them off and tossed them. Then I peeled the driest, outermost layers from the bulb and placed the root end in water.

Sure enough, within a day there were signs of life, with green poking out of scallions that had been in the ‘fridge for who-knows-how-long. A week later, they’ve regrown completely and I’m using the greens in dinner tonight!

(Image: Faith Durand)