The Produce Aisle Is the Inspiration for These Clever Easter Eggs

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

Sure, you can dye Easter eggs using a kit. The finished eggs will be cute and totally fine, but they won’t get your friends and family talking about how amazing and creative you are. If you want that to happen, well, you need to swing by the produce aisle when you do your shopping.

What you need are a bunch of those stickers that go on lemons, apples, oranges, and the like. You’ll then put those stickers on your dyed eggs to make them look like cheeky versions of the real things.

You can pick a sticker or two from here and there (but don’t tell the store manager we told you to do that!) or you can actually buy the produce with the stickers (and just force yourself to eat more fruits and veggies this week!).

(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

With your stickers in hand (read: nearby for safe keeping), you can dye your hard-boiled eggs to match the corresponding produce. We used a standard PAAS egg dyeing kit and added the recommended one tablespoon of vinegar.

The longer you let the eggs sit, the deeper and richer the color will be. (We let our eggs sit in the dye for about 20 minutes each.) Rotate the eggs halfway through, so you don’t have a light spot where the egg wasn’t fully immersed in the dye. Then using a fork or the included egg lifter, take your eggs out and let them dry completely.

Craft tip! To get that classic apple red, dye a brown egg instead of a white one. If you use a white egg, it comes out more pink than red.

Add one produce sticker to each egg and put them in a pretty basket to display. Or better yet, put them in a fruit bowl and set it on your breakfast table.

(Image credit: Caylin Harris)

How do you like them apples?