The Probiotic Drink That Will Having You Saying “Yes Whey!”

It seems like everyone is on the fermented drink bandwagon lately, but what if kombucha or even shrubs and switchels aren’t for you? Then it’s time to try something made with whey instead — like KeVita’s line of sparkling probiotic drinks.

Not quite as bubbly as sparkling lemonade or seltzer, these drinks get their fizziness from fermented whey. It’s a much more subtle sparkle, which allows all the flavors to shine through.

Emma is also a huge fan of KeVita’s drinks. Here’s why she likes them:

“Less tart than kombucha, KeVita’s sparkling drinks are like sodas for grown-ups. They’re made with water kefir — milk kefir’s non-dairy cousin — and are loaded with probiotics. I am completely hooked on the Mango Coconut flavor, but their whole line is darn good. Heads up: They also make good mixers for cocktails!”

The probiotic drinks come in 11 flavors, and KeVita also makes kombucha drinks and tonics. They are available at Whole Foods, Safeway, and Albertsons markets nationwide, along with many other grocery and specialty stores.