The Perfect Date Night in for You

updated May 1, 2019
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It’s officially sweater weather, which means we’re getting excited about getting cozy inside — with boyfriends and best friends, pets and partners, little ones and other loved ones. To us, date night in is just an evening when you make plans with someone else (or just yourself!) to do something special at home. It’s as simple as that.

This month, we’re exploring all the different ways to have date night in, starting with our (as always, strictly scientific) quiz.

If you got mostly As, you’re staying in with the kids. (It’ll be fun. We promise.)

Hanging with the kids can be a great way to reconnect at the end of a week full of work, school, sports, after-school commitments, and homework. Whether you order pizza, make pizza yourselves, or pull a lasagna you made last week out of the freezer, you’ll have fun.

Everyone can help with setup and cleanup, even if the 5-year-old helps by entertaining the 2-year-old while the rest of you cook. When the dishes are done, play charades or pull out some of your favorite board games. Maybe you can all make a special dessert together.

Make it special, so the kids know you love them.

Good Advice for Date Night in with Your Kids

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If you got mostly Bs, call your friends! You’re having a night in with your squad.

There will be drinks, there may be a movie (which you’ll probably talk through), or you may watch the game. The meal won’t be formal, but your snack game is on point. When your friend asks, “What can I bring?” you’ll feel comfortable enough answering, “Would it be super hard to make your sausage balls? I love them.”

Most of all, there will be a lot of laughs and bonding. Whether you invite one friend or three, your night will be easy. And it may end up lasting until 3 a.m., as these things go, so make sure you have an extra pillow if someone decides to sleep over.

Good Advice for Date Night in with Your Friends

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If you got mostly Cs, pull out your best slow jams playlist, because it’s time for romance.

You and your partner need a night in. No distractions, just the two of you. Your meal won’t be too heavy, but it’ll include your favorites. Maybe you’ll cook together, enjoying a glass of wine and your favorite music while you remember why it was you got together in the first place. Or maybe one of you cooks, while the other gets the kids to bed (or to grandma and grandpa’s house).

If you have kids, they’re either spending the night out or they’ll go to bed early and sleep until (at least a little) after the crack of dawn. No kids? All the better for a hassle-free evening. What’s your song? Time to sing it!

Good Advice for a Romantic Date Night In

If you got mostly Ds, you’re having a double date night in!

Think of it as a small dinner party. You’re only cooking for four, so you can take the time to make more complicated dishes than you might normally try. If your partner is also your co-host, the two of you can have a daytime date at the farmers market, picking out the food you’ll serve that night.

The double date night in can be fun with old friends or new people who might become old friends. Or it could be a great way to meet your sister’s new boyfriend. If he can handle that level of scrutiny, she’ll know he’s worth keeping around.

Bonus: You can avoid that awkward moment when the check comes and you try to decide to split it down the middle or ask for separate tabs.

So, what’ll it be? And what are you making? Share with us in the comments!