The Pantry Storage Spot You’re Probably Not Using — And 7 Ways to Put It to Work

updated May 1, 2019
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Breaking news! You may have more space in your pantry than you realize, and here’s why: Pantry doors are actually prime real estate for bonus storage. You can hang stuff or add shallow shelves on the inside of your pantry without having to worry about them hitting the shelves inside. Whether you have a giant walk-in pantry, a little reach-in one, or more of a cabinet situation, these ideas will work for you.

1. Hang pots and pans.

Use heavy-duty hooks or nails to hold up a collection of cast iron pans, like Kirsten did in her Denver, CO, home.

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(Image credit: Worthing Court)

2. Hang just the lids.

Because lids are the most annoying of all! Install racks inside the pantry door to keep all those pesky things safe and easily accessible. We love this setup from Linda on Worthing Court.

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(Image credit: A Lo and Behold Life)

3. Stash spices.

Whether you use an actual spice rack or a fabric-covered magnetic board, like Lauren of A Lo and Behold Life, spices are small and light enough that they’re easy to contain along the back of a pantry door. We’ve also seen people use over-the-door shoe racks to hold various spices.

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(Image credit: 11 Magnolia Lane)

4. Keep track of your grocery list.

If you’ve got a whole family adding to the grocery list, keep it in a central spot, like Christy of 11 Magnolia Lane. With a chalkboard on the inside of the door people can easily add to the list and you don’t have to look at it all day long. Just snap a photo on your way to the store!

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(Image credit: Young House Love)

5. Add little shelves for whatever.

For those of us with minimal DIY skills, there are solutions: Brands like Closetmaid and The Container Store know we want flexible shelving and have just the systems to do it, as John & Sherry of Young House Love show us here.

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(Image credit: Katy Cartland)

6. Hang up cleaning supplies.

Texas homeowner Alexis has cleaning tools so pretty, she displays them on the outside of her pantry door. You can do the same with your less-attractive normal-person broom and duster inside the door.

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(Image credit: Dimples & Tangles )

7. Stash your paper towels.

Jennifer, the blogger behind Dimples & Tangles, kept her paper towels on a shelf in the pantry for years. By moving them to the door, she freed up space for groceries. P.S.: She totally spray-painted the plastic holder and we kinda love it.

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