The Trials of Sharing a Kitchen with a Partner Who Loves Cooking Just as Much as You Do

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Having a significant other who loves food and cooking just as much as you do is a wonderful thing. You can explore new recipes together, discover favorite ingredients, and generally eat a lot of delicious things. But it’s not always a cakewalk. Sometimes sharing a kitchen with someone who loves cooking just as much as you do can get a little, well, complicated.

From missing ingredients in the kitchen, to unused appliances that take up lots of precious space, here are ten ways sharing a kitchen with the person you love can be less than easy. Can you relate?

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

1. The case of the missing ingredients.

When you could have sworn you just bought sugar for the cake you needed to bake for a friend’s birthday, only to discover that your parter used the entire bag to make a billion cookies and homemade kombucha.

2. Organizational differences.

When you spend way too much time trying to find your favorite kitchen spoon because your partner is trying out a clever new way of organizing drawers that they discovered right here at The Kitchn.

3. The fight for prime real estate in the fridge.

When your S.O decides to buy an entire ham because it’s on sale and now you don’t have any room in the fridge for the basic dinner ingredients you just purchased.

4. The calm before the dishwasher.

When the love of your life uses every single pot and pan to make something delicious and you’re on dish duty.

5. A difference of opinion (seasoning).

When your parter likes things without a lot of spice or seasoning, and you’re a total salt fiend. Where do you draw the line?

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6. Too many cooks (in the kitchen).

When you both want to do some crazy cooking project over the weekend but there isn’t enough space in the kitchen. Who gets dibs?

7. Splitting the grocery bill.

When you split the grocery bill every month, and your partner insists on buying those expensive dried, organic blueberries for their homemade granola (but they never make it).

8. A collection of unused, small appliances.

When your partner loves investing in fun kitchen appliances that they never actually use, so they just sit there and collect dust in your small kitchen.

9. The battle of the cookbooks.

When you both have separate cookbooks that you love using regularly, but there’s only limited space in your kitchen to keep them. Which cookbooks get demoted to the non-kitchen bookshelf?

10. A different style of cooking.

When you try to cook together, but your SO likes to improvise when cooking and doesn’t always follow the recipe, while you love measuring everything out and like following the recipe. How do you proceed?

These are the great questions of sharing a kitchen with a food-obsessed partner. Do you have others? How do you resolve these?