The Most Ooey, Gooey Cheese Pulls You Can Find on Instagram

published Nov 10, 2017
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(Image credit: Lauren Volo)

Instagram is home to many a food sensation. There’s #putaneggonit, and #eeeeeats, and of course #meatsweats, among other popular hashtags that let food lovers rejoice in photographs and videos of mouth-watering dishes. One of my favorite hashtags, #cheesepull, has over 11,000 images. Get on the dairy appreciation train and take a look at some of the most stretchy, gooey, melty displays of cheese on the ‘gram that we could find.

Chicago Pizza is a hotly debated food. Some call it pizza in its perfect from, some call it the world’s greatest casserole, but any cheese-lover just calls it delicious. Sure, there might be any number of other toppings like sausage, peppers, or olives, but this pizza is all about the cheese. This cheese pull focuses on one of the only times it’s universally accepted to use a fork with pizza.

The only thing better than mozzarella is fried mozzarella. Those crunchy breaded sticks or triangles that give way to stretchy, creamy mozzarella before being dunked into spicy tomato sauce are everything that is right with late-night bar snacks.

Aligot is what mashed potatoes wish they could be when they grow up. This French specialty is classically made with Tomme de Laguiole or Tomme d’Auvergne cheese mixed with butter, garlic, and cream. There must be enough cheese so the potatoes can stretch as far as the stretchiest, cheesiest pizza pull you’ve ever seen. The resulting dish is part potatoes, part cheese, all delicious. Although you could serve this with sausage to be traditional, this is one of those dishes that is just incredible as a one-dish meal, with a side of sweatpants and Netflix.

Macaroni and cheese is absolutely made for Instagram. Noodles? Check. Almost universal appeal? Check. Mounds of yellow and ivory cheese, all pulling upwards in a glorious crunchy, melty, stretchy string of cheese? Check and check. All you need now is a napkin for the drool all over your keyboard.

Chicago pizza can’t get all the love, after all! Hand-tossed pizza makes for some of the ‘gram’s most memorable cheese pulls. If the sight of a warm triangle of spicy, cheesy pizza doesn’t make your stomach rumble, chances are nothing will.

You can’t talk about cheese pulls without the great grandma of cheese pulls: plain old delicious melted cheese aka queso. Although add-ins like chorizo, tomato, and any number of other ingredients are welcome and delicious, the main attraction is that incredible, cheese-pulling glorious cheese. Layer it on warm tortillas, dip with chips, or fork directly into your mouth.