The One-Minute Microwave Omelet

published Jun 25, 2013
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My husband has been in hot pursuit of the flawless French omelet for months, studying our stove’s quirks and calibrating the ratio of butter to pan surface (I cover my eyes at this point). He would be appalled to learn that his hard-won mastery may be jeopardized by a shortcut in that most modern of machines, the microwave. Can a one-minute microwave omelet challenge the greatness of the classic omelet? 

I found this omelet with a charming story at Pies and Plots, a blog by Laura Dembowski, who tells how she and her mother used to eat egg sandwiches on the weekends at a bagel joint that made its omelet egg fillings in the microwave. Her mother recreated them at home, and she found that this microwave shortcut was fast and reliable. 

It’s certainly not the first time that we’ve talked about eggs in the microwave. You might think that the two really should never mix, but the microwave is actually very good with eggs — under the right circumstances. When at the office or when traveling in ill-equipped hotel rooms, wouldn’t it be nice to make a poached egg or bagel sandwich in your room? 

More eggs in the microwave: 

The truth is, this omelet will never replace the golden, delicate omelet made on the stovetop with plenty of butter and a practiced flip. In fact, calling it an omelet is really doing both this recipe and omelets a disservice; they’re totally separate things. The eggs in this microwave recipe cook up fluffy and tender, the perfect little mass of eggs to wedge into a sandwich, and with the added benefit of needing no extra butter or fat. 

It’s a smart, easy recipe, and one that you should try, especially when traveling. But it won’t replace those perfect cheesy omelets, French-style.

→ Get the recipe: One Minute Omelet at Pies and Plots

Have you ever tried eggs like these? 

(Image: Laura Dembowski of Pies and Plots)