The One Thing You Need to Add to Your Office Desk Drawer Immediately

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Office meals are tough. Whether you bring something from home, buy something near your office, or are lucky enough to have meals provided for you, everyone needs a couple of all-star ingredients at their desk to make things more appetizing or easy to prepare.

My favorite thing to have on hand is powdered peanut butter. As Faith explained a couple years ago, powdered peanut butter is “essentially powdered peanuts that have been pressed to remove much of the oil and fats. Theoretically this leaves the taste, but reduces the fat and calories, leaving you with a peanut powder that can be reconstituted in water.” Popular brands include PB2, Peanut Butter Co., PBfit, and Just Great Stuff. You can find powdered peanut butter at health stores like GNC, certain grocery and wholesale stores, and online. It’s light and portable, doesn’t spoil or smell, and it’s versatile enough to complement anything from pad Thai to oatmeal.

Have I convinced you yet?

If you’re new to powdered peanut butter and just don’t know where to begin, fear not! Here are a handful of ideas for powdered peanut butter to get you started.

1. Stir it into your oatmeal.

Oatmeal is anything but blah with a little powdered PB mixed in. It’s especially tasty with those single-serving apple-cinnamon Quaker oats pouches, if you have some on hand.

2. Mix it with milk and cereal.

Sometimes your everyday milk and cereal needs a protein boost to tide you over until lunchtime. Enter: the magic of powdered peanut butter!

3. Make a dip for fruit.

If you bring fresh fruit as a snack or have it at the office, a peanut butter dip adds just the right amount of “treat yourself” to a healthy snack.

4. Add it to a smoothie.

Sometimes a store-bought smoothie just needs a little extra something. Instead of paying an extra dollar to add grainy protein powder to your smoothie, just add a scoop of powdered PB when you get back to your desk.

5. Add some flavor to noodles.

Leftover pad Thai for lunch? Or maybe you have some cold soba noodles? Try sprinkling a little powdered peanut butter to add or emphasize a flavor dimension to your (not-so-sad-anymore) desk lunch.

6. Eat it plain.

You know that’s how you eat regular peanut butter anyways. I’ve found myself putting a couple of spoonfuls of powdered peanut butter into a cup with some water and just snacking on it by the spoonful. It’s healthier than other options in the office, and because it’s powdered it contains less fat than normal peanut butter.

Do you have any ingenious ways of using powdered peanut butter at the office? Share your ideas in the comments to help everyone out.