The One Thing I Prep on Monday to Save Time All Week

(Image credit: Brie Passano)

Sunday afternoons are for meal prep and lunch-packing for the week ahead, but after dinner is made on Monday I take 10 minutes to do one tiny task that saves me time each morning. This task isn’t critical, but it’s just one more way to save time in the morning rush — can you guess what it is?

Packing Snacks for the Week!

I don’t bother packing snacks on Sunday evenings. By the time meal prep is done and lunches are packed, I’d just like to clean up the kitchen and relax with my family. Monday night is when I assemble snack bags for the week for both my children and myself. This might be as simple as portioning store-bought snacks or as elaborate as making a batch of chickpea blondies.

School Snacks for the Kids

  • Mini pretzels and cheese slices (in snack-sized zip-top bags).
  • Apple slices and a few animal crackers.
  • Plain Greek yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup (stored in the freezer).
  • Veggies slices and hummus.
  • Hard-boiled eggs (cooked, peeled, and stored in the fridge).

Snacks for Adults

This task seem benign, but makes a big difference when we are all running out the door in the morning. Think of it as the home cook’s equivalent of selecting your outfits for the week.

What else do you prep for eating during the week?