The One Thing I Always Have on Hand for Outdoor Eating

published Jul 26, 2017
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Even for the neatest eater, a meal outside almost always leads to some sort of mess. Sticky hands, a blob of ketchup on your thigh (hey, at least it missed your shorts!), corn on the cob guts all over your face — it’s all possible!

Sometimes, napkins just aren’t enough and you need a good old-fashioned hand (or thigh) washing. Of course, during a picnic, the nearest sink could be football fields away. And during a backyard cookout, guests will have to open doors and traipse through the house in order to wash their hands.

That’s why I always keep these on hand.

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Technically meant for children, my adult friends and I love these Seventh Generation Baby Wipes. Having them on hand is the same idea as getting wipes at the end of an all-you-can-eat lobster night. Only these don’t have that weird alcohol smell — because they’re fragrance-free and alcohol-free.

These wipes are sturdy enough to clean up saucy messes on skin (even the most sensitive skin!) and I’ve used them to wipe up mystery splotches from my wood picnic table and metal chairs. I’ve also found that, with a few of these on hand, people go in and out of the house way less. No trips to get more napkins, or wash hands, or grab a wet paper towel. And that means there’s less dirt being tracked in and less chances for buggies to fly in through the open door — two things I’m always silently stressing out about.

Once the wipes are used and sitting wadded up on a plate, I’ve noticed that they’re less likely to blow away in a gust of wind than a pile of paper napkins.

Maybe you have kids and already use these for your messy toddlers? But why not keep them on hand for the big kids (you and your friends!), too?

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