The One Ingredient That Will Make Your Fruit Salad Amazing

published Aug 24, 2018
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A really good fruit salad can be a truly special treat. Light and refreshing, it is so simple to pull together yet has the power to be the star of your brunch, potluck, and even dessert spread. While choosing the right fruits to add to the bowl will certainly help when you want to whip up a crowd-pleaser, the real key to amazing fruit salad doesn’t come from the produce aisle. No, it actually comes from your pantry — and I can almost guarantee that you already have it in your kitchen right now.

Give Fruit Salad a Sprinkle of Salt

Yes, salt! And preferably the kosher variety. A sprinkle of salt is the pantry staple that deserves a place in every fruit salad. You don’t need a lot — just a pinch sprinkled over top and stirred into a bowl of fruit salad will do the trick. You’re not going for salty, and in fact you won’t even taste it.

Why Salt Really Makes a Difference in Fruit Salad

A pinch of salt is a small addition but makes such a world of difference by giving you a more vibrant, brighter, sweeter (yes, sweeter!) fruit salad. Here’s why: Salt enhances the flavor of the food by releasing certain molecules that in turn make it more aromatic. Most importantly for fruit salad-lovers, it also intensifies sweetness. This is the reason we stand behind partnering it with fresh produce and why a little is usually added to baked goods and other desserts. Adding citrus or other somewhat bitter fruits to your salad? Salt can counteract and mellow the bitterness in these foods.

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