How I Make Sure I Have a Healthy Morning When I’m Traveling

updated May 24, 2019
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When you’re traveling, most things are out of your control — the weather, equipment malfunctions, your fellow seatmates, delays, the price of (questionable) food options, the amount of healthy food options — but a couple years ago (during my first and only non-cheating stint of Whole30), I figured out a way to take charge of some of those elements.

My life hack? I never travel without a specially packed container of hard-boiled eggs. Here’s how it works.

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The night before a trip (or the morning of, if I have a late departure), I boil some eggs and peel them once they’re cool. I then wrap them in plastic wrap, put them into a container, and stash them in the fridge. Right before it’s time to leave for the airport, I load the container up with ice, and throw the whole thing into my luggage on my way out the door.

Once I’m at the airport, I check the ice. If some has melted (how is there always traffic on the way to LaGuardia?), I simply pour the water out into a bathroom sink and get on line at security. Fun fact: Non-melted ice (meaning, regular ice) is TSA-approved!

I usually have one egg once I get to the gate, depending on the time and whether or not I’ve already eaten. It’s healthy, ready to eat, and I didn’t have to pay $12 for it! Note: I never eat an egg (or even open the container) on the plane because they can sometimes be stinky, and that is not a cool thing to do to your neighbors! For the most part though, because the eggs are already peeled, they very rarely smell once I open the container.

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Upon arrival at the hotel, I dump the ice (or usually, by that point, melted ice) and put the container in the room’s mini fridge. (If there’s not a fridge there’s always an ice machine somewhere in the hotel.)

Life hack complete! I then have a healthy way to start my morning each day on my trip. I don’t have to go searching for food and I don’t have to pay $5 for a room service-delivered hard-boiled egg.

If I ever run out of eggs (let’s say I’m on a super-long trip or I ate an extra one on a morning when I was really hungry), there’s almost always a Trader Joe’s nearby — and they sell pre-packaged peeled ones, which can replenish my stock. And if I happen to have leftovers, I just pack them up and bring them home.

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Are there any foods you always travel with? Tell us what they are — and how you pack them — in the comments!