The Odor-Absorbing Splatter Screen

updated May 30, 2019
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Item: The Odor-Absorbing Splatter Screen
Price: $14.99
Overall Impression: Slim, no-fuss design; fits large skillets and eliminates splatters; helps reduce cooking odors

I smell bacon and I immediately think, “Get in my belly.” Hours later, however, and I wish I could somehow scrub that heavy, lingering aroma from everything in sight. I know many of you feel the same since “How to eliminate cooking odors” is one of the top questions we hear on The Kitchn. Can a simple carbon-lined splatter screen be the answer?

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The Review

Characteristics and Specs: Comes in a 10-inch or 13-inch diameter — I recommend the 13-inch for its versatility with different pot and skillet sizes. Carbon “fabric” is sandwiched between two layers of wire mesh to help filter cooking odors. The splatter screen is dishwasher safe.
Favorite details: Very light but sturdy. Easy to use and easy to clean. Reduces cooking aromas.
Potential problems: The handle is plastic and heat-safe up to 400°F, but be careful setting the screen at an angle that puts the handle too close to other burners.
Splurge-worthy? Yes! Relatively inexpensive and very useful
Good for small kitchens? Yes! The slim design makes it easy to slip into cupboards or handy nooks.

I honestly don’t know how I’ve gotten by for so long without a splatter screen. It was such a pleasant experience to cook bacon and sear meat for stews without jumping every time the oil popped on my arm or knowing I’d be cleaning a film of grease off the stove after cooking. This splatter screen rested easily over my largest skillet, catching all the oil splatters while allowing steam to vent through and food to cook normally.

I love the idea that this screen does double duty by preventing splatters and neutralizing odors from the cooking food. Besides cooking bacon and searing meat, I also tried using this screen while cooking mushrooms and caramelizing onions — two foods that, while not splatter-offenders, often leave lingering odors in my house. The fact that you need to lift the screen to stir the food or check ingredients means that some aromas will escape the skillet without getting filtered through the screen, but in all cases, I felt that the screen definitely helped reduce the overall aromas and their “linger.” Honestly, I had my doubts about the odor-absorbing claims of this product and was surprised at how well it worked!

I was also impressed with how easy the screen is to clean. While it can go in the dishwasher, I’ve been washing it by hand. An easy scrub on both sides with a soapy rag and a rinse under hot water was all it took for the screen to feel squeaky-clean again.

I’m curious to see how long the carbon fabric remains effective at reducing cooking odors. Lifetime doesn’t have conclusive information on this, but the representative told me that they haven’t had any reports of the filters wearing out yet! Even if it does eventually wear out after a few years, I feel like the price point is low enough that replacing it with a new one would not feel that prohibitive.

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(Images 1 and 2: Emma Christensen; Image 3: Lifetime Brands)