New Steaks: Saveur’s Guide to Trendy Cuts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

T-bones and rib-eyes are sooo yesterday, people. For your next get together, Saveur has six brand-spanking-new steak cuts for you to seek out from your nearest butcher and grill up for dinner.

These cuts don’t come from the loin like traditional steaks, but rather from the harder-working shoulders and hind ends of the steer. But just like with our beloved flank steak, the cuts from these areas have a deep, beefy flavor that you don’t find in the fattier loin cuts.

Saveur says that the Denver steak and ranch steak are both good choices for grilling, while a cut from the round called a braison is perfect for braising. Another cut, the Merlot, has intriguing possibilities for weeknight stir-fries and quick date night dinners. The steaks were labeled in Saveur’s print edition, but not in the online photo, so going clock-wise starting on the upper-left, in the picture above we have: round petite tender, merlot cut, shoulder petite tender (center image), Denver steak, braison, and ranch steak.

Take a look at the full guide:

New Steak Cuts from Saveur

Have you seen any of these cuts at your butcher? Any other new favorites to recommend?