The New Coffee Routine that Changed My Mornings

(Image credit: Chris Perez)

It’s starting to feel like fall in New York City, and unfortunately on cool weekday mornings this means it’s all too easy to snooze away the alarm under the warm covers. Last week, enough was enough and I decided to create an incentive to jump start the morning. What was it? Really good coffee, of course.

Aside from the budget factor (drinking coffee at home is a lot cheaper than going through the coffee shop line every morning), I noticed that I was consistently more awake when I built in time to sit and enjoy morning coffee at home.

So, last week I began the ritual of making a French press every morning, Monday through Thursday, no exceptions.

Throughout the week, we pour whatever coffee is left in the press into a jar in the fridge or into ice cube trays. Then, it’s iced coffee on Fridays. No waste, and Friday is easy!

Not only am I more awake, but it’s a efficient, budget friendly method. Plus, with all those savings I can afford to try out super fancy coffee beans!

What is your morning coffee ritual like?