The New “No Lines” Amazon Grocery Store Has a Long Line to Enter

published Jan 24, 2018
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(Image credit: Anna Katz)

This week Amazon opened one of its most anticipated new ventures to the public. Amazon Go is a new grocery store with no cash registers or checkout stations — just a whole ton of cameras that watch everything you pick up, and then charge you for whatever you take when you leave. It’s a brand-new concept that previously was only available to Amazon employees at the company’s headquarters in Seattle. But now anyone with an Amazon account and an Amazon Go app can get in.

The fact that Amazon Go operates by means of robot cameras that watch everything you do is a little bit freaky in a “Isn’t this how the Terminator movies got started?” kind of way, but it’s also pretty cool. I definitely want to try it out, even just to see if I can trick Amazon’s wall of all-seeing eyes into giving me a free yogurt. And apparently a lot of people agree, because there was an enormous line in front of the store once the news of its opening broke.

The irony of there being a Star Wars-level queue outside the “never wait in line again” store is not lost. CEO Ryan Petersen posted a photo of the line to Twitter, and it’s been liked more than 169,000 times and retweeted more than 62,000 times.

It is pretty funny to see all those people standing in line in front of Amazon’s big orange posters that say, “Just walk in.”

Amazon Go’s signs say, “No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.)” To be fair, the signs are not wrong. There are no lines inside the store — just one big one out front.

The lines will probably die down after the store has been operating a little longer and the novelty of the experience wears off. Then we won’t have to wait in line to shop at the store designed around the concept of not having to wait in line.

What do you think of Amazon Go?