The Best Kitchen Broom Costs Less than $12

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: MUJI)

Marie Kondo said we should only have things in our home that “spark joy,” but I never thought that applied to cleaning essentials — until now. I was at a friend’s apartment recently for dinner when he pulled out the sleekest, most compact broom I’ve ever seen. It’s just a kitchen broom, I thought, as he gracefully swept his tiny kitchen. Maybe this is just a sign that I’m about to turn 30.

But I kept thinking about this kitchen broom. Only later did I find out, after I asked my friend, that the broom is from MUJI — a mere block or two away from my office — and it’s less than $7 (plus $5 for the aluminum poll it attaches to). Readers, I bought it.

(Image credit: MUJI)

Let me count the ways that I love this broom. First, it’s super lightweight and thin, which makes it ideal for small kitchens. You can hide it in the corner of a closet, or leave it out behind the trash can. It’s also very plain and minimal and should work with just about any kitchen style.

Second, I love how short and thick the bristles are on this broom. The broom I had been using for the last year, in comparison, had long, wiry bristles that splayed out after some use, and ended up looking dirtier than my (small) kitchen floor. The MUJI broom makes you feel in control.

The third thing that I love about this broom is that it’s actually a part of a whole set of minimal cleaning tools. It’s called the MUJI “Cleaning System,” which includes a variety of other cleaning tools, like a mop attachment, a glass wiper attachment, and even a lint roller. Basically the system allows you to mix and match your cleaning supplies to meet your needs. So thoughtful!

This broom is beautiful, functional, and inexpensive. What more do you want?

Buy it Now: Cleaning System Broom, $6.50 from MUJI