The Most Unnecessary Egg Gadgets Ever

The Most Unnecessary Egg Gadgets Ever

Cambria Bold
Sep 6, 2012

Useless kitchen gadgets are nothing new. It seems every few months a new product pops up promising to radically improve our cooking habits and techniques. But egg gadgets are in league all their own. Some of the most overwrought and strange gadgets out there are for eggs, from the most complicated egg separator ever to egg pillows. Here are a few we're scratching our heads over:

• 1 Egg Separator: Yes, it separates eggs, but the white part of the egg comes out of the nostrils. Ew.
• 2 Amco No-Fuss Silicone Egg Cracker: Why not just use your hands?
• 3 Avon Egg Scrambler: This "egg agitator" promises the perfect omelette, but I think a whisk works fine.
• 4 Gun Egg Fryer: I'm not crazy about eating an egg in the shape of a gun.
• 5 EZ Egg Cracker: I think it would take me more time to figure out how to use this thing than it would for me to crack the egg myself.

• 6 Yanko Egg Separator: Otherwise known as "the most complicated egg separator ever."
• 7 Eggstractor: This supposedly peels eggs with one push, but withering customer reviews have me doubting that claim.
• 8 Egg Cuber Square Egg Press: Admittedly, square eggs will get people talking.
• 9 Vavu Vin Egg Pillows: Your eggs are weary. Let them rest for awhile.
• 10 Egg Slicer Set I'm not opposed to egg slicers, but a multi-piece set seems a bit much!

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