The Most Ridiculous Things Our Pets Do in the Kitchen

published Feb 24, 2018
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While it’s not exactly hygienic to have your pets help with food prep, most cat and dog owners know the truth: It’s inevitable they will end up in the kitchen. Whether your pet’s in there to beg for food, demand attention, or judge your knife skills, it’s hard to keep those roving tongues at bay!

Here are some of the weirdest, silliest, most disgusting things we let our pets do in the kitchen, according to a recent Facebook poll.

1. They lick all the things.

“My cats lick butter. Off anything. They gang up! I take one off the counter and the other one leaps up. When I bake, my husband has to round them up and distract them with the red dot or the catnip spray.”

“My cat licks the olive oil bottle! And she’s teaching her scavenging habits to our other cat.”

“My cat waits until I leave the room, then he jumps up to the stove and licks the seasoning on our cast iron pans.” Diana Cole Connolly

2. They go wherever they want.

“Two of my cats continually jump onto the counter and walk across my cutting board. I go thru a lot of cutting boards while cooking!”

“Every morning my cat sits on the coffee pot to warm his bum.”

“One of my cats wedges himself in the refrigerator because he wants lunch meat — problem is, he does this every time someone opens the door … even right after having some meat.” Kelly Dascanio Dyl

“I constantly have to pull our kitten out of the dishwasher when I am loading it.” Wendy Larche

“My cat likes to sit in my pots, pans, Pyrex dishes, sous vide container, and bowls if I leave them out.” Mm Taylor

“My cat gets on my prep table or jump on the stove top (usually right after I sanitize it).”Claudia L. Sanders

3. Their hair gets everywhere.

“When my dogs shake or scratch, the hair goes flying! I’m scrambling for lids and bowls to cover everything that’s out.”

4. Ditto for their slobber.

“Our mastiff shakes his head and flings slobber all around. Clean dishes, food, food prep areas, even the ceiling can get drenched. Bad dog.”Bob Felts

“My mastiff makes puddles of drool then I step in it while wearing socks.” Dawn Howard

5. They drink from the faucet.

“My cat demands drinks out of the faucet and goes through quite the acrobatic routine to get into the sink: Onto a chair, onto a table, onto another chair, onto the microwave, between the breadbox and stove top, across the counter top and finally into the sink.”

6. They “clean” stuff.

‘”My pets beg for butter and are amazingly good at cleaning off baked-on messy pans.”

“Mine is a licker….she will make rounds in the kitchen “cleaning” the floor.”

“My dog licks the dirty dishes as I load the dishwasher.” Mary Anna Gannon

7. They get handsy.

“Whenever I am facing the kitchen counter for more than a nanosecond, my cats like to reach up and “knead” my tush. And they will keep at it until I turn around and pet them, no matter how long it takes.”

What other things do your pets do in the kitchen?