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This Is Apparently the Most Popular “Sandwich” Recipe on Pinterest

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: Coach Calorie)

Since the dawn of time there have been debates as to what truly qualifies something as a “sandwich.” We can’t forget last year when Merrian-Webster declared that a hot dog is technically a sandwich (blasphemy). And according to NY State Department of Taxation and Finance, burritos are also considered sandwiches (just, no). Is nothing sacred anymore?

Now Pinterest users are throwing their feelings into the ring with what should and shouldn’t qualify as a sandwich. The most popular “sandwich” on the platform right now is essentially just cucumber slices, cheese, and roast beef. Yes, that’s it. It’s been saved an incredible 800,000 times on the platform.

See it on Pinterest: Cucumber Sandwich

Everything about this cucumber “sandwich” is an insult to actually delicious sandwiches. First, can we talk about how sad this photo is? There are only three little bites of “sandwich” to be consumed. Also, that lighting. What could possibly be appealing about this “sandwich” besides the fact that it’s “low-carb”?

Like, how do you think real sandwiches feel when they see these cucumber things are more popular than they are? Do you think this perfect Frenchy sandwich that’s filled with delicious cheese and made with real baguette feels good about this “sandwich” development? I doubt it.

(Image credit: Our Paleo Life)

The second most popular “sandwich” on Pinterest is this no-bread Italian sub roll-up from Our Paleo Life. It’s essentially just layered deli meat slices slathered with mayo and then topped with cheese, lettuce, and peppers. It’s been saved 160,000 times on the platform this year. You can guess my feelings on this one.

(Image credit: Two Healthy Kitchens)

The third most popular sandwich on Pinterest right now is probably the most sandwich-y of the bunch. It’s these granola crunch apple-peanut butter sandwich wraps from Two Healthy Kitchens. It’s definitely more of a wrap than a sandwich, but at least there’s some kind of carb holding the whole thing together. It’s been saved about 100,000 times on the platform.

Also, granola in a wrap sounds kind of delicious? But that’s another post.

What do you think? Is this cucumber “sandwich” really a sandwich? Are Pinterest users just trolling everyone? Let us know in the comments.